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We bring the FUN to you

A no hassle program

Make Fitness Fun.

Students look forward to our programs

Great exercise

Make exercise fun with skating

Fun for all ages

Our programs are fun for all ages

Fit for life

Teaching fit for life.

We're the professionals and have skating in school down to a science.

We provide educators with the equipment and tools they need to get students up and rolling! Getting started is easy; you call us and schedule a 5 or 10 day block of time. We'll send you  a step by step how-to guide, which includes lesson plans, instruction manual.

Next the ball is in your court.

We're going to need shoe sizes for all your students and what time they have class. We'll provide you with all the necessary forms. You'll need to get them filled out and back to us a couple of weeks before your scheduled start date and we'll take it from there.

On the day you begin our program our "Skate Instructor" will arrive with the equipment. The Instructor is complimentary your 1st year to help get you up to speed on setup and organization of the equipment. They will stay the entire day and give basic instruction to each class seen that day.

The primary goal of our instructor is to give you, the educator, a comfort level to do it on your own. We're going to leave the equipment with you for the rest of your scheduled unit. The skates are in specially designed skate cabinets that are easily locked and pushed aside when not being used.

On the day your unit is scheduled to end we'll be back to pick everything up.


School children have always seemed to dread physical education, or the proverbial "gym class".

Skatetime® will have students running to gym class! Our units are considered the biggest event of the year! Skating is an individualized, co-ed sport that will last a lifetime!