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We get to hear great testimonies from the teachers and students all the time with SkateTime and C'Motion. This is the core essence of what keeps use going knowing that our programs have such a positive and lasting impression with the kids.


"Our elementary school has been skating with skatetime since the school opened in 2008. Our students love to skate and they look forward to it every year. Skatetime can accommodate all levels and numbers of skaters, with the quad skates to the inline skates all students can be successful. We set up stations with the beginners in an area with mats to skate on, intermediate skaters in the center of the gym and the more advanced skaters outside on the hardtop. The equipment that skatetime has is the best, very easy to use because the gear is color coded by size and bins. Students know there skate size, color of gear and they are ready to gear up. Skating in PE has become a part of our PE program every year and is something very exciting for them to look forward too. The students confidence and self esteem grows every year as their skills continue to improve. Thank you Skatetime We love you."

Metzler PE 
Spring, Tx  


"Every October Mary Marek Elementrary students cannot wait until they get to do C"Motion in physical education class. Plus, they cannot wait to show their parents at Open House what C"Motion looks like. My students are always so eager to compete against each other when they get to the "Main" mat. Also it always seems to amaze me on how my students respond when they see how many calories are being burned. As a Physical Educator I"m amazed on how much of a high impact aerobic unit this is and how my students concentrate on watching and moving at the same time. Believe me, I know because I have tried this unit and its awesome and full of energy! Skating is so much fun! When Santa goes back to the North Pole and Mr. Snowman is still keeping us cold and full of energy in January, Marek Elementary students are ready to ROLLERSKATE!! Marek loves to skate to the Limbo, Hokey Pokey and even the Cha Cha Slide. My students are so excited to learn how to put on proper skating gear and even how to show their talents in roller skating! If Marek students did not get to do C'Motion and roller skating throughout the year they would be so sad."

Marek Elementary School 
Holly Hilton  


"The students at Marshall Middle School really enjoy participating in your inline skating program. They love doing new and different activities. We play lots of fun and innovative skating games to keep them involved and excited. We have lots of students participating who start off not knowing how to skate, but by the end of the week, you can see a lot of improvement, thanks to "Skatetime". The students at Marshall Middle School always look forward to skating in the spring."

Yolanda Smith  


"Students are never absent during C"Motion!! It is a high energy and energizing rhythmic activity with fun music! The students are so motivated during the activity that they are getting a great cardio workout without even realizing it."

Ferguson Elementrary
Karen Parker / Physical Education Teacher  


"I liked the idea that c'motion is data based on a machine not just a person directing you what to do. I also like liked that you can have mats for the whole class to do not just 2 people against each other and the rest of the class stands to the side, I also like that on the machine it tells you how many calories you lose and it adds up as you get better at it and as you do more songs. Next, I liked that as you get better it gets harder and you can go back to get the level harder or easier. Lastly, I liked that it has a pedometer to tell you how many steps you have and see how you grow steps each week or lose steps as the weeks pass."

Madeline Hsu
4th grade (Webster)  


"We would like to say thank you to all the great teachers who go the extra mile for their students. Your students will always remember all you do for them."